A Renaissance

So, as of yesterday it has officially been one week since I left Fullerton. My hometown. My stomping grounds. My life for the past 20 something odd years. So strange to think that I have started a new chapter in a my life. No, it is more like I started a new LIFE. A renaissance. Oooooooh, a like it. Yup, definitely changing my blog title now.

Why the exaggerated description? Well, to continue with my cultural hyperbolic tendencies, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. Down to the very air I breathe. The altitude has not had a significant effect with my lungs, but considering I wish to start exercising again, I am sure my bronchioles will shriek with distress in no time.

It is strange to sleep here. I often don’t complain about that, believe me. Honestly, I think I spent more time sleeping on the floor or on my broken futon in my apartment than on my actual bed. But it has been different sleeping here. The biggest difference, was that the bed frame actually functioned properly, and that it was a QUEEN sized bed. I feel like those children that have been upgraded from their crib to a “big kids” bed. Finally, no more twin sized mattress on the floor for me! Moving on to bigger and better than things.

I think the biggest change of all has to be the attitude. My mentality. Having once lived under the absolute power of the patriarchal figure in my family for so long, coming back after 5 years, all grown and mature (hopefully!), it definitely has been quite a learning experience. For five years, I have tasted the sweet flavor of independence, with no need to ask permission or letting my parents know where I am going and what time I will be home. It’s a delicate balance. Should I demand isolation and thus my own life, so to speak, or do I allow them resume their parental roles in my life, but force a restructuring, a revival (to use the metaphor), of their “ancient” role?

That is what I expect, a rebirth of a relationship that once existed but has so entirely transformed that only hints of the past remain. But considering I have only been here a little over one week, and considering that it’s tough to teach an old dog new tricks, I may be a little too enthusiastic about this idea. But let’s stay hopeful!