Well, hello there!

I’m not going to pretend that I know what I am doing opening this blog. Although I have some experience with Blogger, I must admit that all of the three blogs I fiddled with were doomed with failure. I am venturing with this new one, only because I will actually have to time to maintain it. Hopefully.

I am a new college graduate, moved back in with my parents, no job….basically, living the life. Ha. No, but really, don’t leave just yet, that although I may sound like a dead beat, I really am not. I have plenty of career aspirations and dreams, I promise. You, fortunately or unfortunately, find me in a transition period – my post grad life – which just really began a week ago. I am finding it filled with new things and strange challenges, that I find myself with the need to document it. I have hopes that it will not fail, but be a more accurate and consistent documentary of my life. Now, “Love”? What is that all about?

I know it sounds a little cliche, and whatever, and I may even it change it later. But as a believer in Christ, it is important to act and speak in Love and not just the “love” portrayed to us by Hollywood, but the one expressed to the world through the Bible. I hope that despite everything that could happen in a day, I may find something each time I blog to be grateful about, something I could or do love and appreciate.

So here it is, a new start. Literally, on this blog, but also in my life. Cheers!