Today was a pretty productive day. Walked 3 miles with my mum in the morning, took a nap, cleaned by room (kinda), and discovered a spider in my room. -___-

You know, at first I thought I was okay. I spotted it crawling and immediately looked for a shoe to kill it with. But as soon as I looked back, it was gone! Ugh, my fear just intensified because I did not know where it went. It was not in anywhere near its original spot! 😦 😦

Long story short. Dad saves the day ❤ How old am I??? Ha! My modern day hero pulls my bed from the window, rips the plastic away that was beneath my mattress, sprays the place down with insect killer, and then finds the spider all curled up dead.

After the tingling feelings subsides from my skin and my heart rate returns to normal, I am finally able to crawl into bed. Any ideas on how to get over the fear of spiders??