Godly Women

I know it has been a while since I’ve dropped a note here, but I was thinking earlier today. I was actually scrolling through my instagram and realized that the only active Christians that I follow are two complete strangers.

I have a couple friends that are Christian and post things here and there on their instagram, but their lives are intertwined with other young, adolescent-like events occurring in their lives, like school, boys, etc. This two strangers, however, are a couple from Memphis, TN and are married. Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon Jarrid Wilson’s IG, because I cannot for the life of me remember how I did, but shortly thereafter I found his bride-to-be and would periodically check up on them.

At the beginning, I was pretty envious. Jarrid Wilson is the author of 30 Words. But his wife, Julianne Wilson is a beautiful woman with blonde hair, light eyes, and slim. It seemed like her life was a dream, with a lot of adventures, pictures of her boyfriend who became her fiance/husband, and pictures of a gorgeous wedding with perfect hair. It doesn’t end there, no. She cooks and bakes wondrous things, appears to be pretty artsy and resourceful and has a beautifully¬† Jesus-centered marriage – the very thing I long for.

With a boyfriend who is not a Christian, but with heart yearns for something that parallels their marriage, I kind of resented their “perfect” life due to my insecure walk with Christ. After sometime, I realized how self-centered I was acting, and slowly my anger diminished as my understanding and patience grew (and is still growing!). But what I realized more now, is that Mrs. Wilson is actually someone I aspire to be like! I don’t know how it happened, but today I realized that she is actually like a role model to me. Having a personal relationship with Jesus and everything that stems from that – quiet time in the morning with her Bible, dedication and submission to her husband, a productive lifestyle, a heart to help people, among many more things – really does encourage me to set out and let my own Jesus relationship take control of my life.

After this realization, I also wondered who, in fact, were my role models. I can remember my dad speaking to my sister and I about choosing people we would like to be in order to obtain a visualization of what we want to be like in the future. That way, we could mold our actions and experiences to lead us in the direction of our goals.

Sadly, however, I have no other role models. But, other than church, how do you find real female role models with normals lives like the rest of us, but with hearts filled with love towards our Savior? Or woman with brilliant careers, but with a personal relationship with Jesus?