Adrenaline High

I literally had the best Saturday ever.

Anticipating complete failure, I took an hour and  a half trip to Long Beach in order to complete my clinical observations for my EMT class requirement. I had spoken to my friend earlier about his experience and he said it was the worst. Yikes! I was not in the mood.

However, upon arriving, in my black dickies pants, white polo, and self-made nametag, I was immediately greeted by an attractive EMT technician in the trauma room anticipating a trauma patient at any moment!

I literally felt as if I was in the middle of one of those trauma patients in ER or Grey’s Anatomy, it was SO unbelievably exhilarating. I was literally in hands deep putting a BP cuff, a pulse ox, and leeds on a patient, connecting patients to a mobile heart monitor, watching CT scans, helping and observing a doctor closing up a patient’s face with sutures, observe a doctor intubate a patient, helping ventilate a patient with a bag valve mask, transporting a patient to ICU, watching a foley being placed in a male patient, and watching a nasogastric tube being placed in a patient. The list goes on.

The best part about it was the feeling of complete freedom. The ER was my playground, and I had complete access to learning everything I could possibly want. I became really good friends with the attractive ER technician I had mentioned  and obtained his number for future reference and help with my National Registry exam for EMT. And then before I left, I was able to get the doctor’s email as a way to contact him!!! So amazing. and he’s a surgeon! I was so incredibly giddy and proud of my self 🙂 He was so incredibly approachable and would call me over to explain things to me, like how the CT scan works, and to help him while he performed sutures. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass up.

There are so many things that I could write down about what happened and how I feel, but it would take hours. Hours I do not have, unfortunately. But the last thing I want to share is something my mom mentioned to me before my shift.

I was dreadfully awaiting this experience and expressed that to her before leaving the car. She kind of scolded me when she said in Spanish, “No, that same experience your friend had won’t happen to you. You are a child of God and everything will turn out great for you.”

Leaving my shift yesterday wanting to cry with happiness, I could hear her say that continuously in my head.