First Generation

It sucks being a first generation student sometimes.

I truly believe that I did not have it as hard as some other people. The overly bearing parents, and the forcing of a career down your throat are only some of the stories I hear.

Oh, wait….nevermind. My parents were like that too.

My father has this mindset that anything is possible. Which is very positive and very healthy at times, of course. But because he doesn’t understand the meaning of “application season” or “application requirements,” and he doesn’t think the rules can apply if you try really hard.

We just had this entire discussion where he gave examples of people who beat the odds and have positions now that they do not qualify for, and looks at me with a face that says, “See, if they can do it, why can’t you?” It’s like that movie, He’s Just Not That Into You, where the girl’s that get the guy in a fairytale way are the EXCEPTION, not the RULE. We always hear about the exception because it’s exciting, but it doesn’t work that way realistically. Especially for grad school application. You don’t have the requirements? You didn’t meet the deadline? Oh, okay…NEXT.

There are so many applicants, there is no need to bend the rules for one student just “because.” And it’s hard to still try to make him understand the process of getting your pre-requisites and completing the application process in the way that it’s asked. I don’t know if its the rebel in him that speaks or something, but it’s as if he’s stuck on the idea that it doesn’t matter, you can still get into school if you really tried. What you’re doing now, it’s a waste of time because you can be in school instead.

It’s as if what I’m doing now is of no importance and is completely unnecessary.

At the same time, however, I feel I cannot completely stay angry at them. They don’t understand, they have never been through this, and he’s right, it definitely is not his culture. He grew up dirt poor in a third world country. So despite my frustration, I guess he gets excused from all this. Haha.