I had published an entire post about my chaotic job interview on Thursday on my WordPress app….where is it? I have no idea…



I found it!! Here it is, It was on my other blog for some reason:


So I had a job interview today.

I want to say it was the worst interview that I had ever had. Well, up until the actual interview.

I had my whole day set out. I needed to print out my resumes, buy a pad folio, look for my BLS card, locate my awards from my hospital experience. Then I would shower, curl my hair, do my face, change and leave for my interview at 3pm.

The location was about 34 minutes away. No biggie! leave about an hour early and I should be fine. Nope! The car decides to have no oil, (yes, the car did decide this) so I loaded it up with oil and left about 20 minutes late. Yippee.

That would have been fine, if it hadn’t been 106 degrees out. Sweating dripping down my neck and frizzing my hair, I was the definition of a hot mess. It made curling my hair super super fun.

So I was rushing from about 1230 until about 3pm. And let me tell you, I absolutely hate running late. No, I abhor running late. I had been calm and collected since I receive the phone call on Tuesday till this morning and then it all fell apart.

Have you ever experienced one of those God moments where everything is not going to your way and it’s as if the Big Man upstairs is just telling you, “Dude, just let it go. I’m the boss man.” Okay, well, maybe not like that, but you know what I mean.

I’m driving along and it’s about 2:20pm. I’m thinking, “yeah, I got this!” And BAM, traffic. -_- I get off the freeway after 15 minutes, and BAM, I’m lost. I find my way, take the streets and BAM, traffic AGAIN. At that point, I said FORGET THIS and I threw a fit. But honestly, in the back of my mind there was a thought that told me that if everything was closing its doors in my face, then that’s what God wants and He has control of it.

Sure enough, I arrived 30 minutes late but still was able to interview. Surprisingly, I think it went well! To God be the Glory. I’m hoping for a call sometime next week 🙂

Reflecting back, it’s almost as if I preferred the drama of being stuck in traffic and being late. The thought of God being in control took all the “fun” out of it and didn’t sound appealing or exciting. Hopefully, I’ll know better next time.

Has there ever been a time when The Lord blatantly tells you to trust Him despite the odds, but your own human nature makes you turn away?