The Little Things…

It’s so strange to go from constant communication, text messaging all the time whenever we can, to absolute silence. Usually, when this happens, I go insane trying to find ways, or excuses, to contact who ever this person is.

Confession time: Sometimes I pretend to message them on accident, just to receive a response from them. Gosh, I feel so guilty, haha.

This time, I did not go quite insane. I went insane with the desire to somehow stay connected to him, my ex-boyfriend, for a couple of days, but I didn’t act upon it until I came across these verses: Psalm 37: 3-7. I actually just sent him that through text this morning, and we’ve been chit-chatting ever since.

You know what though? I am happy, so content. I really could not even ask for more at this point. I do not believe it’s the time yet anyway, but just this small itty-bitty communication between us is uplifting and I am grateful.


On second thought, I really really hope I do not sound like a crazy chick pining for her ex-boyfriend. That would be awful. :/