Begin Again

I shamefully acknowledge that I have begun to appreciate some of Taylor Swift’s songs. Honestly, they really bug me most of the time because they all seem to whine about some ex-boyfriend, or giggle over a new one. However, her song, “Begin Again,” caught my eye. Naturally, she compares two men in her life, a past boyfriend and someone she just met, and she’s finally beginning again in this journey of love. It was very reminiscent of my first “date” with James, my current ex-boyfriend. But anyways…

Relationship update: we are officially now on a break, not a break-up. He is on a quest to know more about The Lord in his life (for the first time! Praise Jesus), and I’m on that same quest, because I can never learn too much about Jesus, personally. We are waiting for each other, if it is God’s will.

Gosh, I feel like I’m being taken to school, like the Jesus School of Getting to Know God on a More Personal and Deeper Level. haha, it sounds silly, but believe me, it has been the craziest month this October. I never imagined my life to be this way: living with my parents, no job, absolute no money to my name, no friends (close-by), and no boyfriend! But what I do know is that this journey has been incredible.

So I saw James this week and we shared a very special moment. I feel, although I fear to say it, but I feel that he is mine. Not now, of course, but some day. It’s very exciting because when it comes to relationships, I have always desired to do it “right.” Pray about it, get to know each other, go through the “courting” phase, and glorify God. But I have been involved in relationships, that one was completely damaging, and this last one, shallow and without a future. Then today, I read this post, which describes some dating tips for Christians, and I got super excited. Praise God, that I have the opportunity for this, finally, and it looks like with the man I desire.

My last post described my strong desire just to connect with James, even if it meant having a meaningless conversation. Now, however, I feel no need. We have all the time in the world! All the time in Christ! Why should I be worried? I know I have things to learn, but there is plenty of time for that 🙂 Just have to keep trusting Him!