It is weird to be back. It’s been almost exactly one year since my last post. Do I still remember how to write?? Haha.

So much has changed, it is ridiculous. I have always placed  a lot of worth in “one year” – so many things can happen and alter perspective and situations in that time frame, it really intrigues me.

So what has changed? Basically everything. Except the air I breathe…ahaha (reference to one of my old posts)

Anyways, in the time that I have been away from this blog, I got back with my ex and then broke up with him after going through plenty of emotional crap. I though I could move on and made some pretty shitty decisions because of it. Had a falling out with my parents – they indirectly kicked me out of my house, called this guy a devil in sheep’s clothing, apparently he has brainwashed me, and is downright evil. (They never met him by the way.) Through this turmoil, my dad single-handily made me want to throw my faith and Bible in the trash. Shocking, right? But i have also become EMT certified, work at Walgreens, and applied to Graduate School for PA. CRAZY.! I have met new friends through my work, and ever so slow have begun to build a life out here in the boonies.

Unsurprisingly, I have lost myself this last year. I will explain more later, but it has not been a fun trip. Not to mention now I am realizing the effect my break up with my ex-boyfriend has had on me. Just now…about six months later. It is crazy to realize things about yourself – disheartening too.

I am exhausted, so I apologize for the lack of articulation. Maybe next time I won’t be so sleep deprived.