New Layout

I am so excited to have discovered how to better beautify my page. This new layout is called “Forever” and I actually stole it from my other blog, which was actually chosen by my then boyfriend. I tried to find another one but I loved the features so much, I couldn’t do it.

Pretty excited to add more photos and to become more involved in this. I am thinking of somehow connecting my two blogs, but I am not sure how soon or if that will happen at all. I am wary of the idea, because it will join two worlds that I’d rather keep separate at the moment, but seeing as the purpose of my other blog is no longer relevant (…we broke up), it might be interesting to join the two.

We shall see. I have to investigate further if I can make my own theme here. Although I am happy about the layout, I do not like the font colors or size or types, so I would rather make it my own. For now though I have to hurry to shower and get ready for work. Stay dry, my lovelys!