REI, Jazz, and other things.

I had SUCH a good day yesterday!

I have been sick with a chest cold, so it has really limited my time on certain things as I get really tired really fast. I also had a pretty crappy couple of weeks as I previously discussed in my last post, but it seemed to finally get better.

I really wanted to go yesterday to the TOMS Warehouse Sale that started at 10am, but unfortunately, due to a poorly-handled parking situation by the company and a line of zero turning into like fifty cars in under 15 minutes, T and I decided to forego the situation. Luckily, we were both hungry and REI was close by, so we ate Chick-fil-a and headed over shortly after REI opened.

I was hesitant to enter because it is totally his type of store, and he’s been wanting to go in preparation for Havasupai, but I think I like not getting my hopes up and going here would get my hopes up. Or…its very possible I am just being stupid.

Anyhow….it was awesome! I can see how people can literally get lost in this store because they have the coolest stuff!

We started off by looking at the backpacks, which I am so glad we did because now I have an idea of what to expect especially when it comes to the straps and the weight. I would be caring about thirty pounds on my back (holy moly!) and hiking 10 miles and I realized I am in terrible shape. Yes, I have gotten stronger, but I have a LONG way to go.

We later tried on shoes, and I learned how nice and comfy wool hiking socks are, and I learned a really cool technique on how to tie shoelaces to hold your feet more solidly within your shoe and to prevent blisters. Luckily, I found some awesome hiking runners which I later purchased (view below). But in the mix of things I tried on a variety of boots (Lowa, Salomon, Vasque) and I fell in love with Salomon. $240. YIKES.

These shoes I bought were just so cool looking I couldn’t resist!

 I decided to buy them because:

  1. They were much cheaper than the Salomon.
  2. I needed something to start practicing my hikes with. My old ASICs running shoes were seriously lacking support and I received a lot of joint pain after hiking six miles.
  3. If I ended up not affording hiking boots later, I could still use this shoes for Havasupai when the time came, and they would be broken in completely.

With that, I left with a sense of renew inspiration as I now had a more realistic idea of what to expect for Havasupai and the urgency that T had for us to start training and taking regular hikes. I still have this dang chest cold, so I won’t be pushing myself hard this week, but I am excited to get going on some serious training.

On a different note, I went to my Dance Production rehearsal in the evening with mixed emotions. As I previously expressed in another post, I have a lot of feelings towards this class and their participants, including myself and my insecurities. Some things changed in that I was required to where heels throughout the entire rehearsal. THREE HOURS, not walking or sitting, but DANCING IN HEELS. Can anyone else share with me the pain my poor feet endured all night??

I also mustered the courage to speak with my professor about switching partners. I was partnered with one, who got taken away from me, and then got partnered with another, who has done a lot of this before, so at first I was very open to the relationship. But when we ran through the salsa piece a couple of times together, I was not impressed and actually regretted not taking the time to actually jump on the opportunity of pairing with yet another partner. This latest candidate I tend to gravitate towards because he is probably the oldest of the group, and since I feel a significant generation gap between myself and the majority of the group, I tend to talk to him more. Plus, we end up practicing all of our pieces together anyway at the start of class. So that helps.

Anyways, I approached her at the start of class that I had been mulling it over and wanted to know if we could switch and I found out that she actually felt the same way. So she went ahead and gracefully switched us in front of the whole group without putting me on blast. But I did feel a little weird because I was not sure how he felt about switching partners. Maybe he had gotten use to his “old” partner? I don’t know.

We also started a new Jazz piece, and I love it. hashtag YASSSSSS. Again, I was weary because I had never seen or danced jazz at all, but it was actually really cool! I am slightly intimidated but also excited because I am using muscles and doing movements that I would never do, so to say that I was sweating last night was an understatement.

It was just a sweet mixture of challenge, and also accomplishment as things were improving during the night for the group but for myself as well. I do think that I did strain a muscle in my right quad which makes me a little bit nervous. But I am determined to baby it and strengthen it once it is better in order to do some killer moves.

Bah! So excited. I’m in love. ❤