I feel like I can never wake up enough. That I can never have enough rest or that I can ever relax. Physically, emotionally, and mentally drained all the time. I am not angry or sad most of the time though. I still maintain a cheerful disposition at work and with my peers. But when people as me how I am doing, all I can say is, “tired.”

I feel like stress is the silent killer. All those mental illnesses that are being exacerbated in our society–I can’t help but think that stress plays such a large role.

All those extra hormones circulating in our blood cannot be helpful if they are not being utilized and it doesn’t seem like my will ever leave. I do not sleep enough, I do not exercise enough to relieve this stress, but I am trying.

Diabetes. Heart Disease. Dementia. Run in my family. I am doing what I can to counter all of that foreboding doom, but I know that my ultimate peace should reside that my life is according to His Will.

Yes, I am tired. Weary. Exhausted. Unfortunately, that also makes me temperamental, easily upset, and emotionally on edge. But although I may not have the strength to “choose my attitude” and change my ways, I do know I have the strength to choose Jesus.


It will be my joy to say, “Your Will, Your Way….Always.” – Lay Me Down by Chris Tomlin.