Eight Hours.

0702: Getting into my car I realized I need to put gas in my car before I head to work. That is okay, I still have time.

0713: I leave the gas station and head to work.

0744: I pulled into the parking structure.

Let it be noted, I parked in a  “Visitors Only” area, that at this hour was pretty vacant. It creeped me out that these new signs really did scare all my other employees to no longer park “illegally” like me yesterday. Was I finally going to get caught?

0756: Clocked in, breakfast in hand.


After that, I had no clue about the time except the occasional time I would glance at a nearby clock. I do have a watch on me at all times, but it appears that my brain really does only use it for work purposes now, and uses my phone for recreational purposes instead.

Where was my phone? In the car. So I had no sense of time for 8 long hours.

Why didn’t I go back to grab it?

I had to eat. Duh. But I also did not want to run the risk of being caught by security. #livingontheedge. So I sucked it up, and just decided I would do without, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I admit, I am a product of my technological environment. However, I still do remember dial up internet, AIM, or just playing without the use of the internet and using just my imagination. Whoa, what is that??? But I must also admit that I had a tiny little panic of not having my phone. Will my parents suddenly freak out again (coincidently when I don’t have my phone)? Will all these important people text me and wonder what I am doing?

Pfft. Oh well, I was not going to get a ticket today! So I geared up to a day without my iPhone, and it was nice.

Time actually went by a little bit faster than I thought and I appreciated the things that happened more than I usually do. I probably also didn’t waste as much time as I usually do either.

It so happened to be the day I got my one year evaluation from my boss, which turned out to be very good! It was also the day that I was reminded why I am in the business to begin with: Patient Advocacy.

All in all it was a good day to not have a phone, which also reminded me that life does exist past technology.