Week 1.

Tomorrow will be the official end of my Week 1 Meal Prep and BBG test week. Technically, I already started BBG and will be starting week 3 (pre-training) on Monday, but I feel this week is where I really amped it up.

I meal prepped successfully on Sunday, but I was tired, so I did not follow the official rules. I am using Tone It Up’s 7 Day Slim Down as a guide, and it was extremely helpful. I had to condense it beforehand to make it into a practical grocery list, which took the most time, but once I had everything cooked and ready to go, it was awesome. My favorite thing about it was that I was not the least stressed out during the week. I knew what I could eat and did not have to spend any time or energy thinking about what would be served at the cafeteria from work, and what I should eat.

With BBG, I made significant improvement. I was not as sore form Monday’s Legs and Cardio like I was the week before, and I could complete more of the Arms and ABs section than I could the week prior as well. Because I have a half marathon to train for, I think I will be repeating the BBG pre-training as I want to focus on running and cardio than the strength training BBG provides. It is very helpful, don’t get me wrong. But I also have a job that requires me to be on my feet every minute of my shift, and I have my dance class twice a week as well as a Dance Rehearsal to prepare for.

I weighed about 179 pounds on Sunday of this week, and today I weighed in at 177. I guess tomorrow’s weight should be what counts, but it is nice to know that I have already lost two pounds in just ONE week. By the end of this month, I could potentially lose an additional four pounds, and by the end of April, another 8 pounds on top of that. Of course, I will be gaining muscle, which might offset those numbers, but I don’t mind. I have a crapload of clothes that need to worn, and just losing size would be helpful. Speaking of size, I have already lost about 1 cm in all major areas of my body. It’s nice to see just drastic changes.

But you now what is even nicer? I cheated. 🙂

It makes me laugh out loud! On Wednesday, I visited a friend near the beach and we had sushi. Earlier that day, I was with her sister and had one of her brownies. Thursday, I worked, and walked by the coffee shop and couldn’t resist one of their chocolate chip cookies. So delicious. Then today, I had two rice krispies. Two of my favorite favorite favorite desserts! I also had an english muffin with some pumpkin cookie butter from Trader Joe’s. YUM.

Today I went to the gym after work. According to my Nike app, I am suppose to run 8 miles today. PFFT. Clearly, I am behind. I completed four miles total, but not all running. It sucks that I worked today, and the gym closed, and that my training is so ridiculously far behind. In addition, my feet keep falling asleep when I run and I have NO IDEA WHY. I have a couple of theories, but it makes me sad that I have yet another obstacle besides my untreated asthma that I need to get through.

I do have a plan. But I am getting really sleepy and I need to dry my hair before bed. So we shall chat later…

N. ❤