So yes, it’s been a while.

To be honest, I am only here because my mother found my public instagram account. The one where I do not hold back and post half-naked “Day 0” workout photos of myself in a skimpy bikini.

Why is that a big deal, you may ask. HELLO? PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT ME AND MEN THAT SHOULD STAY PRIVATE IS ON THIS ACCOUNT. I definitely did not hold back with some of my special emotions.

My mother also did not hold back about finding this account. I had already told her I wouldn’t add her on my personal one, but I think she may have gotten the two confused because she told me to put my public one on private because clearly it is not safe–she was able to find me and screenshot pictures even when “I blocked her.” So I think that she thought she found access to my private one, which may be a good thing. There was nothing compromising in my public one, so it may have appeased her to know that I did not have anything incriminating on there that I was choosing to hide from her. Yes, I do have (possibly) incriminating things on my private one.

Public….private….public….private….are you confused yet?

Anyhoo, my sister saved the day. She quickly reminded me about how I posted my blog account on this public IG of mine, also quickly initiating a slight panic attack while I was driving up the freeway to my abode.

I didn’t crash. But the risks I was taking to block my mother and to erase my web url are just too much to discuss right now. However, I did find a way to immediately switch my blog to a private setting and quickly check the stats to see if anyone had indeed read my blog.

You guessed it. I am NOT a popular figure in social media. HA! I cannot express HOW MUCH of a relief that is ❤

For now, I shall keep it private. I still feel too dang paranoid. Even after the incident and changing my account name a couple of times, people I knew continued to find me. Unfortunately, that is not what I want. I want the anonymity that comes with a public IG, or blog, and so I have been blocking people left and right from this account. Now that IG recommends people to follow, I fear that that will just happen A LOT if people I know follow me.

Truthfully, I want an HONEST account. Yes, one where I can shamelessly put up photos of me wearing a bikini that accentuate my big ol’belly. Having people I know follow me on that account, I am definitely much more careful and calculating with what I have to say. So for now, my dear friends, if you find yourself blocked…don’t take it personal.

Anyway, off to bed I go. I still have a lot to share about why I opened another IG account, my current goals, and what I wish to be doing right this moment instead of sleeping my couch.

That reminds me….I need to invest in a new bed. *Insert emoji with exasperated look here*