I am not your ordinary girl.

Actually, scratch that. I am probably am the most ordinary girl you can come across. I mean, I do not get in trouble, I don’t drink, or party, or have those crazy nights all of social media talks about. I went to school, have my degree, have a job, applied to grad school, blah, blah, blah.

Somewhere and somehow, I became involved with men. Not all at once, but you know, enough. Enough to make a difference and enough to wreak and break my heart.

Single, once again. But this time, I had embraced it. I chose to begin working on myself and really dig into what “self-care” really means for me. It was time to make a change.

So I began slowly. I went to AZ to visit my sister. I made a couple trips down to Laguna Beach. I closed my eyes and booked my first ever flight, solo! To WA to visit a friend and go to Canada. But before all that, I had decided I wanted to visit Havasupai–I researched how to sign up and asked the Boy if he wanted to go…he did! He ended up getting the reservation, and I promptly forgot about it because it was too surreal to deal with and totally something I NEVER. EVER. thought I would do.

But guess what? I did it.

And guess what else? It changed my life.

First, I cannot remember the last time I went camping. You know, with a car and with a bunch of crap and food in tow. So to never really been camping to go way across the other spectrum to BACKPACKING? Jeez.

To hike ten miles into the Indian reservation with everything I would need for three nights and four days, is still hard to believe. But it as BEAUTIFUL. Not only the wonderful location, being isolated in a canyon, surrounded by trees and waterfalls, and the stinking Milky Way! But to hike miles, and eat backpacking meals, and to connect with nature, ride a helicopter, and just succeed at this backpacking thing?? WOW. Sign me up.

So what did I do next? I planned a trip to Yosemite and I went. And now, I ordered a book about the John Muir and a map of the John Muir Trail. I’m dreaming of this elusive JMT, and the impossible PCT, and the Trans Catalina Trail.

Goodness. Does it end? I don’t want it too. It makes me feel alive 🙂