Baby Steps.


I don’t even know why I keep lagging, I mean, it doesn’t take me that long to create a post, and I definitely have many many ideas about what to express. Plus, it helps with my anxiety so much. I absolutely adore having a place to write everything down. Helps with the brain thing in my skull. Anyhoo. I have had a pause in my research for my adventuring next year and while I did have some set backs, like taking my mother to the ER, changing my career plan, and cutting out the loser of my dreams, I have officially begun baby steps once again! I just hope I do not get too redundant in my story telling.

One of the first things I began to do was look at gear lists for the PCT. I found a lovely number of blogs that kindly went through everything they took and everything they would change if they could. I would site them here, but I lost them as I had to close all the tabs I had opened in order to upload the new macOS Sierra. Even the Mac knows that I must go to the Sierras!!

But anyways, I actually made an excel worksheet. First, it’s the bare essentials, like backpack, sleeping bag and such. Then I have, the other necessities like cooking supplies, gear, camera, phone, etc. And finally, I put all the clothing, followed by the miscellaneous items like toiletries, ear plugs, and other little things that I could essentially find in my house last minute.

I organized it in a way that would probably mirror my financial expenditure with the biggest and most necessary things at the top, and most likely the things I will splurge a little more on. Followed by the necessities and the clothing, which I have read that I should not hold much value to as they will be destroyed. Except maybe a good jacket would be a good investment. I will need to research that as well, haha.

I have already decided on a couple of things, aside from my shoe post previously. First, I will take my Osprey Viva 50 pack. Everyone seems to use backpacks that are 60-65L, but I figured I will most likely be carrying more than I need at the beginning and will appreciate a smaller backpack later on. Despite it being smaller in size, I am not about to go spend another $200 on a backpack that is only slightly bigger than the one I have. My only concern that I just thought of was that I may need to figure out the bear canister thing, as I am unsure whether I will have enough space for my essentials, like my tent and bladder. I am actually eyeing my bag as we speak, and I think it may fit but I will have to be smart with everything else I take while in the Sierras. Plus, I am not sure where I want to resupply after Kennedy Meadows. I am nervous about hitchhiking!! 😦

So I also decided that my major splurge item will be my sleeping bag. My body temperature tends to fluctuate a lot and I cannot really tell when I will be hot or cold, especially after a long sweaty hike. Plus, I want to rest easy knowing that my night’s rest will be worth it and refreshing at the end of the day, and I won’t be suffering in the day putting a lot of hikes AND cold at night.

So I decided with Zpacks sleeping bag. It will cost me a small fortune, but I think it will be worth it, psychologically and physically. I justify the monetary value based on the aforementioned reasons, but also because it weighs a little over a pound, AND I would need a good sleeping bag if I were to hike the JMT anyway. So duhhh. The weight is a plus because both my backpack and my tent are not THE lightest in the world, so this will offset my base weight and tip it in my favor.

If I have extra cash towards the beginning of this adventure, I would invest in a single person tent, or trekking poles. But for now, I will be fine with weight, even in the Sierras. I read you should have less then 15lbs as your base weight, so before consumables. And although I have not weighed the rest of the stuff I would bring, I would be below 10 lbs with all my bare necessities (and without the bear canister).

Hmmm. Now that I think about it…maybe I should invest in a single person tent. Eeek!

The research continues! Cheers!