I Smell Fear.

Sometimes I think about all of these ventures I want to pursue, in nature of course. When I read blogs about the PCT or extensive through hikes, I just sit amazed and in awe that these experiences actually exist.

I cannot fathom actually experiencing those things myself. To actually poop in the wilderness and coming so in tune with my body, getting use to the extensive stenches from my own body, and becoming exposed to and vulnerable to the many wonders and intense power of Mother Nature.

Can I really imagine myself setting up camp in the rain? Taking care of my Sawyer filtration system every day? Digging a cathole and aiming correctly, and then cleaning correctly? Walking for miles and miles without getting lost? Battling depression and anxiety in the middle of the wilderness? Discerning honest trail angels from creatures with ill intentions?

Well, I still have a LONG way to go, although some would say that six months is not enough time. I say it is not enough time, and despite all my planning, a lot can happen in six months that will and may deter me from this adventure. Such lofty goals. Unfathomable.

I think it is time I research female solo thru-hikers for inspiration.