So Why Hiking?

I have only just begun telling people my reasons as to why I am now part of the culture that obsesses with the wilderness and long walks through the parks.

My first group hike with Women Who Hike on Saturday was actually when a significant number of people began asking me the “why” question.

Usually this question was paired with the question of how long ago I started this adventure as well. It was the spur of the moment answer, and I had not really thought about it at all but usually these are the moments when you are most honest, like a gut reaction.

So my response was that it all began when I first went to Havasupai. Oh the magic of Havasupai just took over and something, somewhere inside of me, just clicked. It was like I found home–I knew where I belonged and all those things that make up the civilized world just did not make complete sense to me anymore.

When was this? It was the Third week of August. I did a couple of hikes here and there before that (not really), but it really was Havasupai and the whole concept of backpacking that just took my breathe away.

When I went to Yosemite, I had almost forgotten that magic, but it returned with a force as I hiked from Bridalveil Falls back to Housekeeping Camp, and then hiked the Mist Trail towards Vernal Falls the next day. I just knew that the trails had called, and I had to answer. But how?

Maybe that is where the ambition comes from. It began first with the impossible Havasupai Falls, and then I had already started of dreaming of the Trans Catalina Trail. But then at Yosemite I confused the JMT with the PCT, and I started dreaming of the PCT. Then, learning the JMT was only 220 miles of the PCT, I figured, why not that too? It just seems to snowball and I cannot keep up with how fast my brain is moving.

Which is where the planning comes in. To first, relax, but also to make these dreams an actual realistic expectation. For instance, I have almost completed an excel worksheet of all the expenses I will have. Now it’s all about the bargain hunting I need to do, plus all the saving of money I will have to complete in order to do this ish!

My goal is to spend the least amount of money! I am actually at about $1100, that is, if I do not take the current tent I have now. If I do take it, I would be at a solid $1k. Without food, or miscellaneous stuff that I would essentially get for free looking around my house. Not the food however, that would be asking too much to find around my house!

Anyways, happy hunting! That is the goal now.

Wait….so I am actually going to purchase items without fully knowing if this can happen?

Well yes. I am planning on taking a wilderness course at the beginning of the year. It is a must to not only be comfortable with survival skills, but also to give my parents a peace of mind, or a pseudo-assurance that I know what I am doing while out there. Plus, there will be day trips and overnight trips in that class and I will need gear.

PLUS. I do not end up going on the PCT, I still plan on doing Havasupai, JMT, the Transcatalina. I already have people interested after this weekend! 🙂 Go me!