I’m so sick of people telling me to “just let it go” or “he doesn’t care anymore, you need to stop.”

Dude, seriously? Do I look like an idiot to you? Does it look like I want to pine away after some guy that I KNOW is an asshole? 

Of course I would love to just clap my hands together and voila! Turn off my feelings. Just like I turn off the light.

I get that he doesn’t care. I get that he’s an asshole. I know that I deserve better. I know that his true colors are showing.

But don’t you think that MAYBE those are the reasons why I can’t “let it go”? That it’s a shock and betrayal that he is everything I never wanted to be?

I literally lost not only someone I thought was in love with me, but more importantly, I lost one of my best friends. Essentially, I’m grieving. It’s a freaking ADJUSTMENT.

Give me a damn break. Jeez.