Hiking Boots. Merrell. 

I did it.

I bought boots! And they are gorgeous!!

I was first inspired to buy boots because of my Havasupai Trip and feeling like I needed that extra ankle support in the rocky/sandy terrain. But I really did not know what to buy because of course there is a HUGE selection and it drives me crazy! 

So I went based on fan reviews instead. For instance, through Women Who Hike, one of the founders uses a specific type of boot. Of course, these ladies have shoes sent to them all the time to try out and review, but I saw these specific boots consistently in photos.

Online there were quite a number of good reviews. Of course every shoe and every foot is different, but knowing I already own a pair of Merrells, the Capra Bolt, I figured I would just trust that I may like these as well. (Ps. I LOVE my capras–I definitely recommend.) I went a size up to a size 10, just like my Capras, and I hesitated for a long long time about buying them.

Then around Black Friday this year, they dropped to about half off to $94.99 and I just decided I didn’t have anything to lose! But still, if you know me….these type of purchases are a huge step of commitment for me. And I am the squirrelly kind.

When they finally came in, my mouth dropped. They are probably one of the most expensive shoes I own! And I can already tell that they are good quality (based on just my own personal opinions.) I was surprised at how lightweight they are (1lb. 10oz) and yet how solid they felt. I am no expert, but I was pretty impressed by this shoe, and I don’t impress really easily. Ps. Don’t worry, this isn’t an advertisement, haha. I wish! Then maybe That would mean i am sponsored or something. But anyways…

They are the Women’s Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex in Royal Lilac/Adventurine.

I put them on and they felt loose because I had really thin socks on, but I also forgot how to tie mid-sized boots. Eek! My initial thought was also that the soles were kind of bland and flat. Not too much structure, but I did only put one shoe on and it was only my initial reaction. Anyways, I know my feet swell and need more space than I expect so I am happy with my purchase. I just have to actually use them, and I’ll see how I feel about them then.

Woohoo! #WildernessWoman adventure continues.