Shopping Season.

This year I am proud to say that I bought NOTHING relative to last year. “Relative” being the key word here, hehe.

Last year, I bought so much it was ridiculous. I blame the fact that I had money to spend due to my job bringing in cash that I have never had before. I bought so much! A lot of Acure products, Victoria Secret undies and bras–especially because they were getting rid of their semi-annual sales, make-up, and Christmas presents for my friends. Honestly, I cannot remember what else I bought, but even my sister said, “A lot” with big eyes, when I asked her what we bought.

Anyways, I can tell you what I bought this season, and it basically is all just for me! I am not going out for Christmas gifts AT ALL, which is actually a relief. I have done quite a bit of traveling this year, and my bank account is hurting. Especially with the graduate school interviews that I have had as of late that has required me to drive up north unplanned.

With graduate school on the possible horizon, I have also had to consider my debt that I should consider paying off before I take a monumental loan out to further my education. That debt is primarily my credit card that has increased due to this unplanned trips and expenditures, and my car debt. I have student loan debt, but that can get deferred if I continue school, so that is not a huge priority.

Anyways, I was only going to buy certain things this time around. I already discussed my purchase of my Merrell boots(!) which are beautiful and yet to be tried out.

I had been feeling blue this season because of everything that has happened, so I naturally turned to retail therapy and looked for things I wanted to buy. At the top of my list, was a new day pack, and a stove, plus a sleeping pad, and a new sleeping bag, and backpacking tent that will cut weight.

I always have the PCT in mind because it is the equivalent of me shooting for the moon. Landing among the stars include my other trips I am planning: a repeat of Havasupai and the Transcatalina Trail. Everything I buy for the PCT will be useful for these trips as well, especially the new sleeping bag and tent. But I have been having a struggle with these two items because I already own two reasonable alternatives, that are not the BEST, but can do just find. I took these two Alternatives to Havasupai, and they worked perfectly, so I really cannot justify spending more money right now on replacements. Only if I end up becoming this badass backpacking/hiking wilderness woman–which is the goal, naturally.

I had decided my next purchase was going to be a sleeping pad, because I can use that for every kind of trip, even camping, but in my research (which I will discuss later) I found my choice to be rather expensive, and so I will postpone that purchase until later, so that it also extends my guarantee at REI.

I ended up buying a backpacking stove and a new day-pack which I will go over in another post since this one is getting too long already. Guilty.

I also went Black Friday shopping with my family, and purchase my first cold-weather jacket of good quality! I have a couple left over jackets from seasons past, but they are either just for going out, or they are not made for activities like hiking, or even walking. It was a Colombia brand sweater that was about $157 that I got for half off which was a steal!

Besides that, I think I just got some oils from Acure because I loved the one I got last year and my skin has been so significantly dry that I will be use those daily when I get out of the shower.

Also, my intention was to also make a bunch of scarves for some friends, but I think I am running out of time for that. Maybe I will just make them anyway and give them to friends when I have the time, you know, in January….

and That is it! Lots of blabbering on my end, so I will be impressed by those who actually get through this post, haha.