What a big way to start the year. I bought a domain even to celebrate and it felt like it cost me a fortune! Yet, here I am, just BARELY making a post….it almost feels like a waste. But it won’t be, as I am reminding myself of why I bought it in the first place: Mental Health. 

We brought in the new year with my sister and brother in-law, and revealed to my mom that they will be moving back to California from AZ early this year. She cried 🙂 

It also was a time I got out of all my credit card debt, but also got into more by buying some remaining things on my gear list for Backpacking. Credit card debt is still looming, as are other expenses, like rent, car registration, and future hiking ventures. 

My mother also had surgery, which was an emotionally grueling process. I think I am finally able to rest in that area of my life, yet I’m bombarded by other stressors. We did, however, receive the pathology report for her organs, and it seems promising. We should be hearing from the oncologist soon to make her first appointment. 

I also started school again. I am taking a yoga class and another class for a program I am considering. My plans for the future changed drastically when we found out of my mom’s cancer, which is why I enrolled in this class right away. I will probably talk more about it later when I actually submit my application. For now, people still assume my goals include PA school. I’m still on the fence about going to my last interview in February. 

I have to take a placement exam as well. So I need to study for that.  It includes basic concepts but, I’m not going to risk it and still study my butt off. I have about a month left. 

Working full time is necessary although I am dying to just stay home and do nothing. I think it’s an aftermath of the stress with my mom, but I just feel overwhelmed. I gained some weight despite the work, and now I’m a little anxious about money. I joined a hiking group through Facebook and will be backpacking to Channel Islands in March. Then I shall be reserving a spot to Havasupai on February 1st, so all the money is accumulating. Remember my newly acquired debt as well? 

All in all, it’s been such a busy month. I feel like I have neglected some relationships/friendship. Or all of them in general. I think, it may be time to come back to the land of the living. I shall be posting more soon.