A Beginner’s Food List: Havasupai

So I am planning for another trip to Havasupai as well as other backpacking trips, like Channel Islands. My goal is to eventually translate these experience into blog posts, but until then, I decided that since I have been recollecting my gear list and food list as of late, I shall post them here.

First, I think it is good to stress that weight, trash, and preparedness is key.

For instance, trips like Havasupai are very strenuous and physically demanding. Most, but not all, backpacking trips are intended to arrive at a certain camping location in order to then expand towards other local hikes in the area. So it is important to think of what exactly  we feed our body so that we can avoid fatigue. Now, we are not PCT hikers who can (and will!) down an entire pizza on one of their town days, so we must focus on items that will provide us the most nutritions. For example: proteins, carbohydrates (complex sugars), fiber, and electrolytes.

Let’s be clear, I am not a nutritionist or a professional in that area, so this is just my own personal opinion. But as also an aspiring athlete, most people will talk about meal prepping and eating protein and veggies. I have not mastered the art of dehydrating my vegetables, but you will see what I substitute for those. As for meal prepping, this IS meal prepping!! I highly encourage every backpacker to make a list that will indicate how many days you will need food, and an area to list your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This can help visualize not only what needs to be purchased from the grocery store, but also how much you will actually be carrying with you once you pack your bag.

In addition, I conversed with another individual who went to Havasupai with a different set a people. These individuals brought canned food and packaged top ramen. Now, this is acceptable food if that is your preference, however, the amount of weight and trash that will leave behind as soon as the food is consumed must be considered. As a human being, it is important to practice #LeaveNoTrace tendencies and pack out all our trash. Also, something to think about: if there is a lot of trash to be carried out, wouldn’t it be easier to just leave it at home? We must consider the extraneous weight and volume that containers like those that package top ramen, or canned vienna sausages may occupy. Plastic baggies are helpful.

So without further ado, here is my food list:


  • Home-made Oatmeal (Good source of Fiber)
    • Steel-cut oats
    • Regular oatmeal
    • Chia Seeds
    • Sliced almonds
    • Dried Fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries)
    • Brown Sugar


  • Single-Serving Tuna (Good source of protein)
  • Mayo for the Tuna (Calories)
  • Trail Mix
  • Granola (Was not a trail favorite for me)
  • Cliff Builder’s Protein Bars – Chocolate Mint
  • Justine’s Nut Butters (Honey, Almond, etc)
  • Beef Jerky


Extra Stuff

  • 3L of water for the hike in
  • NUUN Electrolyte Tablets (I ate this raw, haha)
  • 1L Nalgene Bottle

Things I Would Bring Now:

  • Backpacker’s Pantry Meals (They have some good ish – here)
  • Candy Bars, or dessert.
  • Gatorade (But probably not because of weight)


Happy eating! ❤