Trans-Catalina Trail: The Beginning

So I had a boyfriend, once upon a time. Many moons ago. Still single AF now…but anyways, haha.

He wanted to go on vacation with me, but back then I was a very different gal than I am now. I knew nothing about this word, “vacation,” and it actually gave me anxiety since it was something totally out of my comfort zone (all our vacation as a child fell through).

Anyway, long story short, he planned these entire trips to San Francisco and Catalina Island and even made an itinerary and PDF files. In my mind, a trip to SF was unfathomable, but if I managed to take a girl friend with me to Catalina, it would be much more plausible in my eyes. So, I did.

Off we went to Catalina Island and I fell in love ❤ Not with my boyfriend, LOL since we broke up eventually, but with the Island itself. That was in 2013.

Fast forward to August 2016, when I went to Havasupai and I fell in love again, not with an island this time, but with backpacking, camping, hiking, and The Wilderness. Coming off the high that was Havasupai and driving home, my mind was already on the next time I would venture to this little paradise. But soon after I quickly started seeing the finisher pictures of the thru-hikers on the PCT and did more research about these kinds of hikes.

Lo and behold, the TCT Dream came into existence and I was determined to include it into my trips for the following summer.

However, I had a huge falling out with my love interest/friend who decided to totally backstab me and treated me like less of a person, AND my mom decided to get cancer (haha, like it was her choice), and so my 2017 had a super rocky start. This dream of mine was officially on the backburner.

Except when I discovered Girls Who Hike LA and their inviting community, that I saw many inspiring stories of hiking alone, or doing other adventurous trips. I decided I would post an inquiry to see if there was any interest in this project of mine. Seeing that no one was as decided about it as I was, I found myself discouraged again about my lack of social circles and back to the back burner it went.

I don’t know what happened specifically two weeks later, but I thought to myself, what if I went alone? If I end up waiting for someone else’s work, life, and emotions to align with mine, I may be searching for ever! So I began my search again. I struggled with the schedule, and convinced myself I can always cancel the trip if I got cold feet, or something happened. Someway, somehow, and through all the anxiety feels I could handle, I finally booked my TCT campsites and I am still in shock!

Since then, I have envisioned completing this trip solo but have since posted it online an acquired another member. She just purchased her ferry trip today so, it is actually feeling official!

I cannot believe that this is going to be the first of many posts to come about actually completing the Trans-Catalina Trail. Sometimes I think, “Me? Really?” And I feel ridiculous.

But guess what? I DON’T CARE. I am going to hike my first thru-hike and love every bit of it.

So, stay tuned as this beginner decides to take on the TCT.


-N ❤