Me, Myself, and I. 

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to take some time and introduce myself 🙂 My name is Naomy and I live in Southern California!

I am officially in my late 20’s, which is kind of scary, especially since most of the time I do not know what I’m doing with my life. But it’s okay, I’ve really embraced it. Lol.

I’m very busy with work in the medical field and live with my parents. Still? Yep. Moved away to college for five years, and now I am back. I am also Hispanic so it is to be expected–get over it haha #noshame. I do juggle cultural expectations and trying to be unique in society at the same time.

I make ginger tea from scratch, crochet on my own time, and take an overwhelming amount of phones on my Iphone 6s.

Being a water baby at heart, I love all things oceans, and am especially fond of seaglass.

I believe in Jesus Christ and in the Bible and welcome sincere questions about that any time 🙂

I have been broken in more ways than I’d like to admit, but I definitely do not have reservations when it comes to talking about hard topics like depression, insecurities,anxiety, or abuse, etc.

I adore honest individuals and take any kind of insincerity very personally.

My one true passion is hiking, backpacking, and anything that lets me do that: days off of work, road trips, camping, traveling, and any enabling friends.

I tend to eat mints like candy, and also have a terrible sweet tooth to all the sugary carbs.

My bad habits include drinking whatever is in my hand at top speed and inhaling my food.

I am full of advice and opinion, but only care to express it those I care about or who ask me specifically.

I am very protective of my friends

People tend to tell me things and trust in me, so I guess that is a good thing.

Finally, believe it or not, I am an introvert. Social gatherings exhaust me and am perfectly fine being on my own. Although, I am still learning how to go out solo and do things by myself. So that’s a tad confusing.
Anyhow, that is just a little about me! Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave any questions or comments 🙂