Retail Therapy – Backpacking Tent.

I did a bad thing. Like a thing I shouldn’t do because I don’t have money. The funny thing is that I know I should feel bad, but I don’t! Lol. I actually feel much better, and cannot wait to get my hands on this thing. Smh, when will it stop?

I will tell you why this happened…

At the start of this month, I had just gotton over being sick for about three weeks. That delayed the completion of my City Slicker Challenge for a month. Then my next work schedule came out and instead of receiving 16-20 shifts like I usually do, I received 8. Talk about a blow to my paycheck. But then, I received a jury summons that I ended up not needing to show up, that is, until Thursday. Had no idea what I am doing and before I knew it, here I was, on the jury. YIPEE. This trial seems like it will take an additional two weeks….so can you imagine why I’m aggravated by all this? Not only can I not pick up shifts at work, but I lose the little hours I had scheduled, I have to work on the weekends now to try to make some money, and now the City Slicker Challenge is pretty much a no-go. Not to mention, I was depending on that as my Catalina Training, so it’s even more frustrating.

May I just add that it’s time for my monthly visitor and my hormones are telling me to eat everything in sight? I’m fat.

Anyways, I went online and I keep getting reminded of the last days for our member discounts for REI, which is awful because it actually is a good deal.

Because of the TCT next month, I have been thinking about my pack weight and how to lower it, specifically my tent. Should I ditch the tent body and just take the fly, stakes, and footprint? Still, my tent weight would be over three pounds! unacceptable in my eyes.

Off I searched for another tent. I was frustrated because I had wanted the Six Moons Design tent, but if you go to their website, every item was out of stock with hopes of coming back in stock, early May. That was too close to my trip for my comfort. So I went shopping and hunting on Instagram for all those PCT hikers and their gear.

I found the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 1 Tent at REI Garage and with the 20% off member code, it was too good not to swoop up.

WHAT HAVE I DONE? Lol. Shopping Spree! But the question is, do I feel better? Yes.