12 Ways to Get Over a Guy….My Way. 

1. Be the better person and tell him you will still be friends no matter what. You can’t live without his friendship and you will just suck it up.

2. Chew him out. Your feelings caught up with you and now you’re in this blinding hurting rage. But this is okay because you’re working through your emotions. Don’t be an asshole, but stand your ground. No one else is going to stand up for you except you.

3. Cut him out of your life. Which means, block and delete off social media but unblock him so he knows what you did (haha, what if it’s petty AF?). This also means avoid eye contact when possible and pretend he doesn’t exist. I.e. Cold shoulder that betch.

4. Cry a lot. The shower works to hide your sobs, and burning mascara in your eye won’t remind you why make up is evil.

5. Listen to sad and depressing songs. Belt them in the car. Just don’t start crying because you crash.

6. Find a friend who doesn’t judge you for telling them the same thing about 100 times. And who also says you’re beautiful and that he’s stupid. It helps.

7. Visit all the old places and make new memories. Yes, even Murphy’s Ranch where he took her hiking for the first time and didn’t tell you about it.

8. Get drunk with friends and drunk text him an absurd amount of texts. If he doesn’t care, he’ll ignore them. If he cares, he’ll ignore you, but he will also confront your friends at work about it because he’s still in love with you.

9. To get over him, get under someone else…..interpret that as you’d like, haha.

10. Watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns until you cry your eyes out. They are your friends, and if you think you’re alone, you’re not. They have been in your shoes before.

11. Get some hobbies. Hiking and backpacking have become my soul-soothers. I’ve also started a adventure-friendly IG and bought a domain for my blog.

12. Pray a lot. And don’t eat your emotions.